water rituals

Water has been used ceremoniously for centuries to purify the body and cleanse the spirit. Our water rituals are designed to enhance your massage or body treatment journey. We also encourage you to customize your own water ceremony by choosing the particular fragrances and rituals that can best address your needs. All soaks are available in complete solitude if desired.

Solitude Soaks: a warm luxurious soak surrounded by candlelight will fit perfectly at the beginning or end of any treatment to enhance your journey. This is a private soak that allows you to let go and embrace the tranquility of solitude. $30

Botanical Soaks
A calming soak that comes with a therapeutic facial cleansing, scalp and neck massage, followed by a deep moisturizing mask. $45

Blossom Bath: a lush and fragrant soak infused with botanical orchid essences and lavender salts.

Mandi Susu: a nourishing milk bath with aromatic essential oils. This soak offers a calming and nourishing treatment for body and soul.

Energizing Ocean Bath: a soothing sea salt and aromatic oil bath that will relax sore muscles and invigorate the mind.