Massage as a healing technique is thousands of years old and is highly beneficial in creating balance between the mind, body, and soul. We provide a wide selection of massage styles to match your individual needs.

Aromatic Steam Shower

warm aromatic steam relaxes the muscles and releases toxins, a perfect preparation for massage therapy or body treatments. Let us customize your journey for you with the following scents lavender, eucalyptus, or mandarin. $25

Destino Journey Massage
Design a massage journey just for you. During your customized massage, your therapist will use a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques tailored specifically to your pressure preferences.
40 Minutes Back $75
50 Minutes $95
65 Minutes $120
80 Minutes $140

Destino Journey Massage with Aromatic Steam Shower
40 Minutes Back $100
50 Minutes $120
65 Minutes $145
80 Minutes $165

Gardenia Aroma Massage
An exotic floral aroma envelops you during this massage. A luxurious Swedish massage complemented with warm gardenia oil will help relieve tension and bring you to complete relaxation.
40 Minutes Back $65
50 Minutes $85
65 Minutes $110
80 Minutes $130

Gardenia Aroma Massage with Aromatic Steam Shower.
40 Minutes Back $90
50 Minutes $110
65 Minutes $135
80 Minutes $155

Vital Force-Shiatsu Massage
A Japanese healing art, Shiatsu combines pressure point massage and gentle stretching to encourage a positive state of mind and to balance energy meridians. Using the pressure of thumbs, fingers, palms, and elbows, improved circulation and energy balance is achieved. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
50 Minutes $100
65 Minutes $125
80 Minutes $145

Vital Force-Shiatsu Massage with Aromatic Steam Shower
50 Minutes $125
65 Minutes $150
80 Minutes $170

Mother-to-be Massage

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy. Massage can ease many of the stresses associated with pregnancy by alleviating muscle tensions and providing comfort to stressed areas of the body. Our specialty cushions and techniques ensure a comfortable and safe massage for you and your baby.
65 Minutes $120
80 Minutes $140

Healing Warm Stone Massage
Warm stones radiate deep heat into the muscles to provide a magnificent, deep relaxation treatment. Incorporated into your massage, warm stones can transport you to a new level of awareness.
65 Minutes $120
80 Minutes $140