spa rituals

Spa Rituals have been practiced for centuries. From the ancient Turkish bath houses to the Javanese Lulur, the rituals of cleansing, exfoliating the skin and rejuvenating the body through massage are practices that have been used ceremonially for thousands of years. We invite you to experience Destino’s signature Spa Ritual, Bali Bliss. Our spa rituals provide a sumptuous experience from start to finish. You can create a spa ritual of your own by harmonizing any of our treatments in a combination that speaks to you.

**NEW** – Pumpkin Body Harvest
A treatment trio so good you’ll wish you could eat it! This scrub, wrap,
massage combo begins with our stimulating Pumpkin Oatmeal Walnut scrub which
is sure to promote soft and healthy skin from head to toe. Next, we’ll
apply a layer of our sumptuous hydrating pumpkin body masque to infuse the
skin with moisture and nutrients. This deluxe treatment is concluded with a
relaxing 40- minute custom massage to soothe and de-stress both the body and
Special Rate: $195

**NEW** – Relaxing Pumpkin Wrap and Massage
All of the satisfaction, none of the calories! Indulge yourself with this
decadent pumpkin body treatment designed to re-nourish depleted skin and
spirit. You’ll begin with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by an
application of our warm pumpkin body masque to reveal a vibrant glow, a
scalp and foot massage will transport you to another place during your
treatment. A soothing 40-minute custom massage completes your experience.
Special Rate: $185

**NEW** – Caramel Turtle Inspiration
Think caramel macchiato — only better. This treatment starts off with a dry brush exfoliation and a delicious chocolate dip wrap. The wrapping process includes a soothing neck, scalp and a foot massage during your heat lamp therapy. The heat therapy included in this massage will improve the skin’s absorption of moisturizing oils and minerals and initiate the first steps of relaxation. After showering, this decadent experience will culminate in a 50-minute custom massage tailored to your pressure preferences. It’s dessert to perfection.

Bali Bliss
The Bali Bliss is inspired by the traditional Lulur wedding ritual of Thailand, which prepared the bride with extensive beauty rituals prior to her wedding day. In this treatment we begin with our Destino Blossom Bath, a private Botanical soak to initiate the relaxation process. Your skin will then be smoothed with a fine powdered clay and turmeric scrub infused with sandalwood oil. Next, you will receive a moisturizing yogurt treatment to nourish and smooth your skin. This blissful ritual finishes with an aromatic steam shower and a therapeutic massage. Bali Bliss will make any day memorable. $185

Care for the largest organ of your body with one of our many body therapies. Each of our specialized treatments includes exfoliation, a scalp and foot massage during your wrap process, and a moisture replenishing massage. Aromatic Steam, Botanical Bath, or extended massage time (40 minutes recommended) may be added to deepen your experience.

Sanur Seaweed Wrap
Using the purest ingredients from the sea, your skin will be smoothed and re-balanced by the powerful minerals found naturally in seaweed. Your treatment will begin with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by an application of our rich seaweed body mask to nourish and gently detoxify your body. A scalp and foot massage will transport you to another place during your treatment. A moisturizing body massage with our special seaweed lotion will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. $125

Minty Earth & Sea Mud Wrap
A special blend of earth and sea elements are used in conjunction with the revitalizing and refreshing effects of mint. After a dry brush exfoliation, you will unwind with a therapeutic foot and scalp massage while the earth and sea mud refresh and detoxify your body. Our specialty seaweed massage lotion will be applied as a perfect end to this invigorating treatment. $125

Lava Purification Wrap
Derived from one of the richest gifts of the Earth, mineral-rich volcanic clay will exfoliate, tighten, and purify your skin. Enjoy a scalp and foot massage while you are warmly cocooned in this detoxifying treatment. Finishing touches include a light massage to restore moisture to your purified skin. $125