Destino’s facials are designed to address your skin’s needs as well as relax the busy mind. All of our facials include cleansing, steam exfoliation, extractions, and a treatment mask. All facials also include a massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders.

**NEW** Pomegranate Fusion Facial
The perfect remedy for parched winter skin, this restorative facial includes
a deep cleansing AHA Paprika Peel followed by an antioxidant-rich Cranberry
Pomegranate Mask. Perfect for all skin types, this facial boosts even the
most dehydrated skin with antioxidants, while nourishing and healing
problematic skin. This is a must for glowing skin this holiday season!

**NEW** Revitalizing Pumpkin Facial
The perfect Winter treat for your tired complexion, our Revitalizing Pumpkin
Facial uses natural pumpkin rich with powerful antioxidants to help reduce
the signs of aging. Pumpkin enzymes slough off dead skin cells, while
beneficial nutrients replenish the skin, stimulate collagen production, and
fight free radicals. This delectable facial will leave your skin feeling
softer and smoother, and looking almost good enough to eat!

Destino Journey Facial

Our signature facial, Destino Journey Facial embarks with a lavish footbath rich with the exotic fragrances of plumeria, gardenia, and jasmine. The journey proceeds with a gentle foot massage to prepare you for a customized facial designed specifically for your skin. Your facial also includes a specialty mask and an ampoule for enhanced results. A moisturizing flower petal hand treatment completes your journey and leaves you feeling like Balinese royalty. $150

Collagen Silk Facial
Our Collagen Facial is designed to soften facial lines and give the skin a more youthful appearance. We use a highly active form of collagen to penetrate below the surface and smooth the skin. The facial ends with an acupressure point facial massage that will energize the skin and restore its vitality. Skin will be as smooth as silk. $95

Angelica Calming Facial
Our Angelica Calming Facial is a specialty treatment that will cool and refresh even the most sensitive skin. Our unique soothing serum and seaweed mask is infused with Angelica root to help alleviate stress on the skin. The Angelica root is known throughout Asia for its nourishing properties and helps to calm and hydrate the skin. This facial will surely leave your skin glowing, relaxed and renewed. $95

Mandarin C Aromatic Facial
The Mandarin C Aromatic Facial combines warm aromatic compresses of orange blossom oils and a potent vitamin C treatment. This uplifting anti-aging treatment will address fine lines and help heal the skin, particularly if the skin has been over exposed to the sun. The skin will look firmer and brighter. $115

In this treatment, our goal is to clear out blocked pores and improve problem areas. Our Purification Facial will restore your skin to a purer state. Your personal skin care therapist will work with you to design a program to ensure lasting results. One of our advanced exfoliation peels will greatly enhance this treatment. $95

Men’s Journey
An essential part of male skin care, the Men’s Journey Facial is individually tailored to the unique needs of masculine skin. Our skin care therapists will provide the necessary education on proper cleansing and shaving practices to help the skin’s appearance. The skin will be refreshed and invigorated, while the mind will remain calm and relaxed. $95

Tropical Taste
The Tropical taste is a refreshing, balancing facial that focuses on your skin’s needs quickly and effectively. Please choose the relaxing journey (facial massage and mask) or purifying journey (exfoliation with extractions). $70

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment
The Deep Cleansing Back Treatment reaches areas of the back that are often unattainable. The back facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a purity mask that will revitalize the skin on your back. It is perfect for alleviating clogged areas or giving exposed areas on the back a beautiful glow. Try this treatment to give the back an enhanced appearance on special occasions. $90

(additional offerings to complement your facial journey)

Flower Petal Hand Treatment: a moisturizing hand massage with our special flower petal cream. Hands are cocooned in a warm wrap to lock in moisture. $30

Line-Plumper: a restorative and moisturizing eye treatment that focuses on reducing fine lines. $30

Eye-soother: a cooling and refreshing eye treatment for stressed and tired eyes. This treatment reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. $30

Advanced exfoliation: a customized treatment that matches your skin’s needs. $50

Specialty Ampoule: a nutritional boost for the skin! A special concentrate will be added to your facial for enhanced results. $10