feet first

In Asian philosophy it is believed that all of the body’s organs are connected by energy channels to our feet. Our foot treatments will stimulate the flow of energy to the entire body leaving your feet happy and restoring physical harmony.

Vitality Foot Focus
Restore vital energy to tired feet. Warm lemongrass compresses and deep exfoliating scrub will cleanse and smooth your feet. A refreshing grapefruit and peppermint cream will add moisture, giving your feet the extra attention they deserve. (Enjoy added to a massage or body treatment only). $45

Harmony Foot Facial
Create balance of both the mind and feet with our harmonizing foot facial. First your feet will be soaked in a warm energizing ocean footbath. An invigorating foot scrub will then soften the feet. Last, the application of our mint clay mask will insulate and restore tired feet while you enjoy a soothing scalp and facial massage. A deep, focused foot massage completes this harmonizing treatment. (Enjoy alone or added to any service). $90