body polishes

Smooth your skin all the way to your toes with one of our unique exfoliation treatments. Each specialty treatment includes exfoliation, shower, and moisturizing massage. Aromatic Steam Shower, Botanical Bath, or extended massage time (40 minutes recommended) may be added for a deeper experience.

*NEW* – Merry Berry Body Bliss
Give your body a holiday with this tantalizing dual treatment. You’ll begin
with an exfoliating Cranberry Sugar Scrub with natural alpha hydroxy acids
to smooth the skin. Then, a soothing 50-minute massage with pomegranate
essences leaves moisture-starved skin richly replenished.
Special Rate: $170

*NEW* – Chocolate Chip Devotion
Dipped in chocolate – topped with strawberries and cream – delicious! This treat is not meant for eating, but it sure brings pleasure like no dessert can. The Chocolate Chip Devotion commences with a dry brush exfoliation to prepare the skin for treatment. Next a chocolate chip scrub is gently massaged all over the body to exfoliate and purify under-nourished skin. This treatment concludes with a silky-smooth strawberries and cream 50 minutes custom massage. This duo-treat is perfect for giving skin a spectacular glow. Dessert has never felt so good. $185

Matahari Mango Glow
Prized as the “king of fruits,” mangoes have been grown in Asia for over 4000 years; they are sweet and succulent with a delightfully tropical scent. In this treatment your body will be exfoliated and smoothed with a rich mango oil and sea salt scrub. A soothing and moisturizing massage with our nourishing mango lotion will complete this tropical treat for the skin. $120

Kopi-Mint Glow
Energize and exfoliate with the invigorating effects of our finely ground coffee and peppermint body glow. Utilizing the rich properties of sea salts combined with the stimulating nature of coffee and peppermint, this treatment will enliven and refresh the sluggish skin on your body. A revitalizing peppermint lotion will be gently massaged leaving you with soft, fresh skin and an awakened mind. $120

Gardenia Glow
Enjoy the fragrant essences of exotic gardenia while your skin is smoothed and polished to a silkier state. Transporting your senses to a lush tropical garden, both your skin and mind will feel bathed by this sensuous experience. A moisturizing gardenia lotion massage provides the perfect end to this skin smoothing treatment. $120

Sweet Coconut Scrub
This gentle and moisturizing treatment is both hydrating and balancing to the skin. A mixture of dried coconut, macadamia nut oil and specialty salts will gently exfoliate even the most sensitive skins. This deeply hydrating treatment will finish with a mixture of rich Shea and Coco butter applied warm to your body with a light relaxing massage. $120