Your WHY isn’t Strong Enough!

Your WHY needs to be Stronger

There are many truly inspiring entrepreneurs out there from Hank Norman whom I talked about in my last post to Eric Thomas who I’ll be talking about in this post.

Hank & Eric are polar opposites.  Hank is a goofy white guy who preaches softly to get on camera.  Eric, better known as ET the Hip Hop Preacher is almost obnoxiously loud.  He preaches heavily on Mindset which is very similar to Gary Vee.

I was looking through my facebook feed yesterday and a post by ET caught my eye.  He was talking about how your WHY needs to be Stronger than your distractions.

Your WHY needs to be stronger than:

  • Need to watch TV
  • Need to get distracted by Video Games
  • The time you spend on your phone
  • You’re need to hang out on social media

My cousin goes to the gym everyday.  He goes to a gym in Danbury CT every single day because his WHY is strong than hanging out at home.  His why is stronger than watching TV, going to the bar, eating junk food, and slacking off.

Watch how ET talks about his why: