Get interested in CHANGE

Are you Interested in CHANGE?

Hank Norman talks about making changes.   He’s worked with many different stars from across the world, and does a coaching program that gets people famous.

People pay him to make them get famous.  Getting famous is really about getting on Camera.  I did it the other day.  I wasn’t terribly comfortable on camera, but I did it.  I was supposed to do it again this week, but I haven’t yet.  I’m dreading doing it again, because I’m not comfortable with it… yet!

It’s Saturday, so I have today and tomorrow to get on Camera and make some damn changes.  With the advent of facebook live, it is now much more easy to get on camera.

Everyone is making changes

Every successful person needs to get on camera.  He’ll I was looking for a TMJ Doctor, and I noticed a video on facebook for a guy.  He seemed like a great guy so I went to him!

I later realized how great of a marketing technique it is to be on video.